All readings include an MP3 recording of your reading, your chart and a free 15 minute follow up reading to cover any questions that may have come up after your initial reading. Please fill out an intake form before your appointment. All appointments are sliding scale. I do this because I want my services to be accessible for those of all incomes. Those who are able to give more help subsidize those who can’t afford to give as much.

Birth chart reading : This reading is for first time customers to go over your general birth chart. This is meant to be a basic over view so you learn what you are working with and how to best approach the aspects that most stand out in your chart. This session usually takes an hour and 15 minutes.


Relationship reading : To schedule this reading you will need a signed consent form from both humans whose charts are being read before the reading. This will not be a ‘YES! you are meant to be’ or a ‘NO! definitely don’t date that person’. This reading will involve reading two charts and finding the aspects that will be tough in your relationship and the things that will come easier and how to work with those aspects. Please come with any specific questions you may have. This session usually takes an hour and 15 minutes.


Secondary Readings : These appointments are for after you have had a birth chart reading. Here we look at the transits that are coming up in your life and what might be coming your way or currently effecting you. You can schedule an appointment for either 45 min or an hour and 15minutes.

75 min: $80-150 45 min: $70-130

How readings work : Readings are done on zoom. 24 hours prior to your reading, you will receive an email with a link to zoom and your chart that will be used during the reading so that you may follow along while we have the reading. If you are in the area, don’t have access to a computer, or just prefer to be in person, you can inquire about an in person reading. These are not always able to happen.

Sliding Scale: In an effort to be affordable and accessible to all financial situations we do sliding scale. On the appointment page there will be 3 price points for each type of reading so you may be able to choose the price you can afford. People who pay the full price help subsidize the people who need to pay less.