About Me

Hi, I’m Sylvi (they/them), I’m a practicing Astrologer based primarily out of the Pacific North West.  I came to Astrology in 2009 amidst a path to reconnect with wild places and our natural world.  I was humbled by the realization that it is impossible to find one’s place within an ecosystem on the ground while ignoring our connection to sky. After practicing as a personal hobby for a few years and witnessing its tremendous healing potential in my own life, I decided to abandon my previous career as a tattoo artist and devote myself entirely to the study in hopes of making this tool as accessible as possible to others.

Educational background:

I have been studying Astrology for 12 years. I started out in more modern traditions of so-called Western Astrology, but began a more in-depth focus on Hellenistic and traditional techniques in 2014 when I met Demetra George.  During this time I completed her online courses and tutored under her advanced students. In 2016 I began studying under the instruction of Austin Coppock. I have since completed his Fundamentals I & II courses, among others. By 2018, I graduated from the Portland School of Astrology with a specialized focus on physical astrology and consultation practices. I have also completed Chris Brennan’s Hellenistic and Electional Astrology courses, taken extensive online courses under Medical Astrologer Judith Hill, Vedic Astrologer Ernst Wildhelm, and worked directly with Claire Gallagher through her Physical Astrology based intensives, namely Body by the Moon.  I am currently enrolled in Freedom Cole’s Science of Light Year 1 program.

More about me:
Outside my standard consultation practice, I am passionate about using art and comedy to simplify complex concepts as well as contribute to the ever-evolving dialogue around the historical and modern applications of Horoscopic Astrology.  Consider this an open invitation to participate in the ongoing conversation of how this doctrine might be revised and implemented to better serve those who need it most. It is my goal to make the tools of learning and applying Astrology widely accessible and inclusive to all. I look forward to meeting you!

Photo by Pallace Garza of Queer Astrology Club