General Birth Chart Reading. 75 minutes. Two sliding scale options: $120/ 150

This reading is a general overview of your chart where we work together to see how it aligns with your lived experience while also gaining insightful knowledge that you can apply and orient toward your highest potential. We also touch on some of the major themes happening in your life at the present moment and optimal areas to direct your focus in the coming days. No previous familiarity with astrology is required.

Miscellaneous Astrology Chart Reading. 75 minutes. Two sliding scale options: $120/ 150

This reading is designed for those who are already familiar with their chart and would like to go deeper into specific topics than a general reading typically allows for.  Possible areas this could encompass include chart remediation, preparing for transits ahead, using astrology to help achieve a specific goal, gain clarity in a certain area of life, or just see the chart through an outside perspective without having to review all of the basics.  Just specify what you’re seeking in the intake form.

Electional Astrology. $75-150.

This is the art of selecting specific dates and times that are most auspicious for your future plans. Email for inquiries as this service is available on a case by case basis.