“Sylvi Osland is by any measure one of the most authentic, incredible, and truly gifted beings I have ever met. Their approach to astrology is refreshing, and has the ability to dust off forgotten parts of ourselves that awaken and move only to the sound of truth.”


“Working with Sylvi has brought me into a relationship with astrology that feels authentic and easeful. In our sessions, we don’t focus on my desires or aspirations, but rather on how to move in harmony with the energies that are ever present. It has been incredible affirming work to notice the ways in which I already move in this harmony, and what I can do to better surrender to what is. There is something deeply magical and whimsical about Sylvi’s approach and understanding, which resonates so deeply with my own approach to life. There is a kindness and gentleness that permeates every interaction we’ve had, that makes moving through denser energies seem like less of a chore. They’ve expanded my own understanding of planetary movement and houses, and I always look forward to our meetings!”


“Im very careful who I share my birth info with, but Sylvi has proved time and time again to be a thoughtful, caring, and skillful guide when it come to uncovering insight into my birth chart. Their insight helped me make peace with certain placements and I couldn’t recommend them more highly.”

-Josh Proto